D8, Mordova rokle bridge

Vehicles with total weight under 3.5 tonnes – regardless of trailer weight – use stickers (motorbikes are free of charge)

Information about stickers 2014 (starts on December 1, 2013 and expires on January 31, 2015)

Validity of stickers

Type Validity period
Annual (R) Starts on December 1, 2014 and expires on January 31, 2016 (1 month before and after the nominal period).
Month (M) Starts on the day marked on the sticker and expires at the end of the same day as marked on the sticker in the immediately following month.
10-day (D) Starts on the day marked on the sticker and expires at the end of the tenth calendar day.

Design of stickers

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Prices of stickers

Prices 2015:

Validity periodPrice
Annual1,500 CZK
Month440 CZK
10-day310 CZK

Vehicles with total weight under 3.5 tonnes – regardless of trailer weight – use stickers (motorbikes are free of charge). The details shown in the vehicle registration document are decisive in determining the total weight (m) of the motor vehicle.

Where to buy a sticker?

Stickers are available at almost every petrol station or post office in the Czech Republic. Road and Motorway Directorate (ŘSD) does not have its own selling points. When entering the Czech Republic on motorways D1 (from Poland near Bohumín), D2 (from Slovakia near Břeclav), D5 (from Germany near Rozvadov) and D8 (from Germany near Petrovice), the sticker can be bought on the first rest area after the border.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to buy a sticker with a credit card or in CZK directly at the petrol station cash desk! Other resellers at rest areas may charge you an additional amount of money for exchange rates, please beware of unfair rates.

Parts of motorways and expressways with a fee

Parts of motorways and expressways with a fee

List of parts of motorways and expressways with a fee

Valid since 1. 1. 2015.

D1 Prague-Chodov (exit 2) – Říkovice (exit 272)
Lipník nad Bečvou (exit 298) – Ostrava-Rudná (km 354)
D2 Brno-Chrlice (exit 3) – Slovakia (km 61)
– en route from Slovakia charged from km 55.5 (rest area Lanžhot)
D3 Mezno (exit 62) – Veselí nad Lužnicí-sever (exit 104)
–  section Čekanice, exit 76 - Měšice, exit 79 will be charged after opening of this section
D5 Prague-Třebonice (exit 1) – Germany (km 151)
– en route from Germany charged from km 149.7 (rest area Rozvadov)
D8 Zdiby (exit 1) – Germany (km 92)
– en route from Germany charged from km 78.0 (rest area Varvažov)
D11 Prague-Horní Počernice (exit 1) – Sedlice (km 84)
R1 Prague-Modletice (exit 76) – Prague-Řepy (exit 26)
R4 Jíloviště (exits 8/9) – Skalka (exit 41)
R6 Prague-Řepy (exit 1) – Nové Strašecí (exit 32)
Jenišov (exit 131) – Cheb-sever (exit 169)
R7 Prague-Ruzyně, letiště (exit 2) – Knovíz (exit 18)
R10 Prague-Satalice (exit 1) – Ohrazenice (exit 71)
R35 Liberec-Hodkovická (exit 26) – Ohrazenice (exit 44)
Sedlice (exit 126) – Opatovice (km 129)
Mohelnice-jih (km 235) – Křelov (km 261)
Olomouc-Topolany (km 264) – Lipník nad Bečvou (km 296)
R46 Vyškov-východ (exit 1) – Olomouc-Slavonín (km 39)
R48 Bělotín (exit 1) – Bělotín-východ (exit 3)
Frýdek-Místek (km 47) – Žukov (exit 70)
R52 Rajhrad (exit 10) – Pohořelice-jih (exit 26)
R55 Hulín (exit 16) – Otrokovice (exit 32)
R56 Ostrava-Hrabová (exit 40) – Frýdek-Místek (exit 51)
R63 Bystřany (exit 1) – Řehlovice (exit 7)

Symbol for motorways and expressways without fee

Motorway without fee

Other information

A proof of payment of the fee is a 2-part sticker. Part one of the sticker is to be placed on the inside of the windscreen. Part two of the sticker is to be retained.

Both parts of sticker

Fill in the registration number of your vehicle legibly in the places indicated on both parts of the sticker. Use pen, not pencil.

Where to put the sticker: The complete surface of part one of the sticker must be attached to the bottom right of the vehicles windscreen inside so that the driver's view is obstructed as little as possible and the sticker is clearly visible from the outside. Retain part two of the sticker for check purpose. During police checks, both parts of the sticker are required. Stickers not fully attached to the windscreen, or on which either the validity period or the vehicle's registration number is not filled in, are invalid.

After the sticker has been attached to the windscreen, it cannot be re-used for another vehicle. The sticker is valid even if the vehicle's registration number has been changed. The sticker should be removed from the vehicle after its expiration date.

Penalty: Fine of up to CZK 5,000 or a penalty notice of up to CZK 500,000 in administrative proceedings.

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